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Research institutions

Simulation of land use change (manually or automatically with the help of transition probabilities, simulation of
  time steps, intersection of data layers)
Investigation of land use change (integration of various driving factors, analysis of influencing factors)
Evaluation of effects of land use change on the provision of ecosystem services
Generation of maps of ecosystem service potentials
Special analyses (estimation of soil erosion, ompact of landsape structure, investigation of biomass potentials)
Support in policy impact assessment (simulation of planning and governance intruments, partizipatory scenario development)


Regional planners and planning offices

Timesaving simulation of planning scenarios and identification of the most beneficial planning alternative(s)
Time saving in spatial planning by easy visualization of optimal planning scenarios in participatory processes
Visualization of effects of sptial planning



Support in consensus-building in planning processes
Cost-effective simulation of possible scenarios in early stages of planning processes
Identification of fields of conflicts
Communication support in civic involvements


Educational institutions and schools

Support in sensibilization regarding mechanisms of actions in ecosystems and landscapes
Introduction of geographic information systems for children and young people
Playful knowledge transfer in „learning by doing“
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