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Duration 2013 –2017
Target The GISCAME-Suite is being adapted and extended regarding African framework conditions, such as agro-forestry systems, which cannot be found in Europe. In order to handle data gaps or low data resolution, the Structure Generator is being developed. Special land use systems, such as agroforestry, are evaluated at the regional scale and development alternatives are simulated.
Background WASCAL (West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use) is an international research initiative, which aims at protecting people and environment against Climate Change effects. Socio-ecological systems need to be adapted, the provision of ecosystem services should be ensured, and quality of living shall be enhanced.
With its unique ability to simulate trends of ecosystem service provision, which are results of land use changes, GISCAME is being applied in this project for analysing land use strategies in West African countries.
Regions Dassari, Benin
Tetonga, Benin
Dano, Burkina Faso
Bolga, Ghana
Bongo, Ghana
Vea, Ghana
Tools GISCAME core system
Add-On Biomass Module
Add-On Water Erosion
Add-On Landscape Structure
Approach and result To simulate Climate Change adaptation strategies, in a first step, gaps in land use data need to be filled. Satellite data, which have gaps due to clouds, or land use data, which have too slow thematic resolution are filled using the Structure Generator. This newly developed component of the GISCAME suite offers a number of techniques. For example, statistical data, neighbourhood effects, and probabilities can be used to complete land use data.
In a second step, the African land use systems are assessed regarding their potential to provide ecosystem services. In WASCAL, new assessment matrices are being developed on the basis on regional data, which are gathered on-site.

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